What Others Say?

Studying at Echo was an exciting experience. The teachers were very experienced and presented the Russian language in a very understandable way. I learned in one month what took me six months in the US. Highly recommended.

John Baran USA

I would like to tell you that I`m really glad that I chose your school. The organisation was just perfect, schedule, timing, contact numbers and addresses, meeting points. All details were well planned. From the hosting family, warm and kind, very well located near from THE right metro station and very close to the city center. The teacher was great and dedicated to my progress and requests. Friendly but very professional. I was not expecting to make so much progress in such a short time. The tour guide was also great and well organized… No shadows to the picture! Every thing was great. For all this, I would like to thank you so much… I look forward to see you again soon.

Florian Carpentier Engineer, France

During a stay in Kiev I attended a two week private crash course in Russian that by far exceeded my expectations. A motivated student without prior knowledge of Russian will easily in a month time acquire the necessary language skills to ask for directions, making hotel reservations and ordering meals at restaurants. In short, a very positive experience that I highly recommend.

Olof Eliasson Linguana Translations, Director, Sweden

I have had a 3 weeks intensive course with 40 one-to-one lessons per week. The course was well organised. During the first lessons we brainstormed together with the teachers a study program suiting for my skill level and my needs. Teachers were very professional. The course dates, times and locations could be flexibly changed on the spot according to my needs. I had real fun studying in Kiev and I can sincerely recommend a Russian language course with Echo in Kiev to all of you.

Erki Milistver Logistics manager, Finland

Dear Echo Eastern Europe team, I want to say how much I appreciate your quality of organisation and your desire that your school meets the requirements of the individual student — in my case to continue to improve my knowledge of the Russian language. I had consistent high quality teaching which I thank you for as well as a warm welcome.

Andrew Grant Full Professor, University de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

I really enjoyed the courses and am only realising now that I am back in the UK and doing another beginner`s Russian course just how much I learned in my time in Kiev. It was a great experience for me. I am hoping to come back to Ukraine in the future and would like to do a further language course!

Andrea Brown student, Cheshire, UK

Great school and course with fantastic communication before, during and after the course. As a total beginner I was able to read and understand street and other signs by the third day. The teacher was wonderful and I look forward to going back.

David Trayford Derby House, owner, UK

I am an American who moved to Kiev and when I got here I could not say much more than «hello» and «thank you». I had tried the «teach yourself» books and CDs but just couldn`t get it I could repeat words but had no way to use them in a present tense or past tense or gender sensitive way! It was so foreign to me and I was just stuck from these books and could not get past my learning block. After 2 months (and allot of work) I can read pretty well and feel comfortable with my basic communication skills in Russian. The teacher was really good at finding out my level and teaching me the pronunciation and basic rules. If you are serious about learning Russian or Ukrainian and willing to do the required studying then I highly recommend Echoee. My teacher was very professional and I am really happy with my experience.

Jeremiah Fowler USA

As a head of Immo Industry Ukraine I have studied Russian at Echo Eastern Europe school from January 2007. I have chosen Echoee because this school has good reputation and language teaching system. I contacted several schools but Echoee was the most flexible. The teaching was really good and I improved my Russian a lot with that. This school has it all together. My personal Russian teacher was a breeze to work with. She accommodated every single change in my personal and business schedule. She is very experienced in teaching and she has got my Russian improved a great deal. So I’d like to say thanks a lot to people from Echoee and I am very happy with my experience with this language center. I would definitely recommend this school to everybody willing to improve their Russian.

Jan Decoene Immo Industry, GM, Belgium

I have enjoyed having lessons with your School a lot during this week. My Russian teacher was wonderful, and the classes with her were very interesting and funny. I have recommended your courses to all my friends. Thank you very much.

Jordi Suquet Flores Spain

I took Russian lessons from ECHO for about 5 months in 2007 and had a very positive experience. The director of the program was accommodating with finding a teacher who worked with my style of learning as well as being flexible as to the timing of the lessons. I had a good rapport with my teacher and would take lessons with ECHO again in the future.

Elliot Stivers UK

I researched several language schools before enrolling into the ECHO Eastern Europe School. I found the Director and teacher to be excellent in meeting my language needs. My Russian teacher adapted my program as my desire was to quickly acquire and speak Russian. As I made my traveling schedule known the director was very prompt at making changes in my language study to resume classes after I returned to Kiev. I have found staff to be professional and flexible in meeting my needs. I am enjoying my Russian classes. I rejoice as my vocabulary grows daily. I would highly recommend this linguistic school and staff to meet your language needs.

Colette Tremblay Canada

I would highly recommend Echoee for anyone seeking to learn Russian or Ukrainian while visiting Kiev. The lessons were individually designed for my level, and not only was the tutor very friendly and professional, but the company provided excellent service for all of my queries about learning Russian, as well as making my trip to Kiev easy, and very enjoyable. Thanks to everyone at Echoee.

Stephen Galvin Australia

I regularly attended Russian language classes in Kiev from the 15th January to 15th March 2007 and I am very satisfied with the teaching methods, the professional teacher I had, and the quality of the service and the attention dedicated by the staff of the School.

Giulia Dri Udine, Italy

I spent 2 enjoyable weeks in beautiful Kiev studying Russian language everyday via the arrangement of the Echo Eastern Europe school. My teachers, Zhanetta and Ania were excellent. They not only gave me supreme instruction in the Russian language, but also helped me to get the most out of my stay in Kiev by informing me of the sights, restaurants and concerts that I must visit. My only regret is that I didn`t stay long enough to see Springtime in Kiev!

Alexandra Brown Australia

The one to one course was very intensive and flexible. My Russian teacher was a University professor of Russian language. The course was hold at the host family. This was very comfortable because I didn`t lose time with long metro journeys. Living at a host family was the best solution; I got much information about the Ukraine/Russian culture, tips how to organize my transportation through the city (metro month`s ticket, bus lines) and had someone to talk in Russian. In all together the course and the accommodation were very good organized. I enjoyed my time in Kiev and learned a lot.

Ing. Alexander Richter student, Austria

As a recent student of ECHO Eastern Europe, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and satisfaction with the School. From August 21, 2006 to September 29, 2006 I studied Russian and Ukrainian as a student of ECHO. Not only during my time of study, but also before and after, the School’s patience, flexibility, understanding and concern for my wellbeing were especially valuable. Of course, the quality of education was excellent as well.

Daniel Healy USA

I recently attended a one week intensive Russian language course in Kiev at ECHO Eastern Europe Language School and was impressed with the professional, friendly and knowledgeable teaching staff and was very happy with the results achieved. In the one week course, I received 30 hours of individual training with language professionals who directed and assisted me in expanding my knowledge of Russian grammar and vocabulary as well as greatly improving my conversational use of the language in terms of accent, sentence melody and confidence of use.
During the course, written materials provided by the school were used and suited perfectly to my needs. The staff was punctual, focused and very helpful. The individual nature of the course provided me with the opportunity to address those language areas I required. I recommend this school for the casual traveller and business traveller alike.

Brian Danielson Germany

I want to thank you so much for the excellent experience and training I received during my stay in Kiev. It made all the difference in the workshop, and I am certain that your program will greatly help me now that I am off to Russia. The pre-arrival arrangements were so well-managed that I traveled with a complete sense of calm. The living arrangements could not have been better. I was able to obtain a very good sense of Kievan life in a very short period.
A session with the Echo School is more than simple language instruction. It is an opportunity to learn, experience, and make friends in an atmosphere of understanding and caring. I have traveled and studied throughout Eastern Europe and have always been met with a warm welcome. The Echo School couples that with a well-organized program and excellent instruction.

Dylan Davis Lake Forest College, USA

These lessons were to my entire satisfaction. Some of the strong points of the method were high academic level of the instructors who not only arrived to be interactive but also kept the right balance between phonetics, grammar and conversation. Besides that instructors showed the capacity to work on needs and detected problems of the student.
The latest made the lessons time pleasant even though a continual daily round of 4 hours was most of time scheduled. Enjoying the lessons definitely lead to the feeling of substantial progress in my level of Russian.

Dr. Andres Vera International Committee of Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland

I would like to express my deep appreciation for your help to arrange me tutor to visit me at home for teaching me Russian course, it was 4 beautiful weeks where I learnt so much and gained a practically new language skill. Although I did not attend class rather a tutor was coming to my place to teach me, it was very rewarding and convenient way of learning. I appreciate too the official certificate I received for the course.

Abdullah A. Al Sinan Saudi Arabia