What Others Say?

The Embassy of Canada in Kyiv, Ukraine, has hired the services of Echo Eastern Europe language school to teach Ukrainian to some Canadian diplomats. Our Embassy has been very satisfied with the professionalism and the flexibility of the Ukrainian teachers and highly recommends Echo Eastern Europe language school.

Helene Tremblay Deputy Management and Consular Officer, the Embassy of Canada in Kyiv, Ukraine

Thank you so much for your incredible professionalism and all your assistance while we studied at your school. My experience at Echo was unparalleled with any previous private tutoring or small classroom setting. I received great attention from my instructor, who quickly assessed my language necessities and gave great encouragement to move forward in my studies. I would definitely recommend your institution to fellow students in the future.

Joseph Gregor student, Ohio State University,Columbus, Ohio, USA

I am extremely pleased with my advanced Russian courses at Echo Kiev. A student here at Echo Kiev can expect accomplished and capable teachers who quickly determine the student`s language level and create a lesson plan intended to fill in those remaining language gaps. The School director is very professional and he went out of his way to make sure any of my requests were fulfilled in an efficient and timely manner.
I was most impressed with how accommodating everybody was. From working around my personal schedule to working around my personal academic goals, everything was taken care of. All in all, this is a great institute for those students looking to attain valuable language skills on a tight budget. I will definitely recommend Echo Kiev Institute to my friends here in America!

Anya Iverova student, Ohio State University,Columbus, Ohio, USA

Thank you a lot for the good organized Russian language course in Kiev. It was a pleasure for me to learn the language in your school. With readiness I will recommend your language school to my colleagues and personal friends. Spasibo estio raz !

Krastev Vesselin Siemens AG, Austria

I would recommend your school and will to anyone who has an interest in learning Russian or Ukrainian. I thought the instructor, Allena, was very professional and very nice lady. The school was exactly as described; no surprises or hidden costs. Very attractive rates for study. Again I mention the fact that a visa is not required to travel to Ukraine, this is a further plus for study in Ukraine. Thanks again and would study again at your school.

Christopher Bodemer Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

Dear Echo EE team, I would like to tell that Elena is the best Russian teacher I have ever had. She surpasses the quality, professionalism, intelligence, and skills of professors I have had in the United States, at Moscow State University, Kazan State University , and the Far Eastern University in Vladivostok. She is a true asset to your team and naturally gifted at what she does. It was a pleasure to study with her — classes flew by and I was amazed how quickly my Russian developed. I wish I had another two months working with her!

Bradley Jensen Murg FLAS Fellow in Chinese, Russian, and Uighur Languages, Department of Political Science, University of Washington, USA

I stayed 8 weeks in Kiev and studied Russian at ECHO. It was fantastic. My teacher, Tamara, is a very good teacher, very helpful and kind. The apartment was good and allowed me to relax after classes. Everything was wonderful and I will be there again. I would highly recommend ECHO. See you!

Atilla Ozdemir student, Istanbul, Turkey

Thank you for the language lessons I had at your school. They were really interesting and good, and I learned a lot. I really liked talking about grammar in Russian (a thing I never did before in language classes, we always talked about grammar in English or German). That way it was lessons with only talking Russian. I also liked my book very much, because of the good stories, the jokes and the sayings and the good mixture with grammar.

Matthias Boller Switzerland

In August I took part in a language course with Echoees in Kiev. I had booked a beginners course. When I arrived at Kiev airport I was a bit scared about the new situation: a foreign country, new language, and kiryllic letters which make it impossible to read even the easiest signs or messages. But everything was fine: the airport transfer was perfect and took me to my apartment. The manager of the school came to the apartment and gave me an introduction to everything, a lot of useful information as well as a map of Kiev and important telephone numbers. The apartment was in walking distance of the institute. The following day the lessons started. I was extremely lucky with my lovely, competent and demanding teacher (please give her warmest regards). I enjoyed every lesson with her and she always succeeded to motivate me even when concentration or mood were low. Also I think it is a very good idea to offer such a broad variety of freetime activities and to encourage students to contact each other by providing the email addresses. I am very glad I was with Echoees and highly recommend this school to everybody who wants to learn Russian or Ukranian. Whenever I go on studying Russian I would choose ECHOees again.

Christian Lowe Germany

I really enjoyed the course in Kiev and feel it was well worth the expense. I appreciate all your help and hopefully will have some time for another summer course next year. I also wanted to tell you that Margarita Ivanovna is an amazing teacher. She definitely put in extra effort to make sure I left with a ton of new knowledge and an enjoyable experience. I also loved staying at family with Viktor and Lyudmila who`s hospitality was fantastic. I will recommend your program to others at my University. I would love to see more people experience Kiev and Ukraine. Continue the good work! Thanks again so much!

Jason Keysar student, USA

I have done language courses in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal but I found the standard of teaching at my Russian courses the best. My main teacher, Victoria, at Echo was fantastic. As well as being a great teacher she had a very warm and open personality. She knew I liked beer and presented me with two bottles of the strongest beer I ever drank half way through my course. Ukrainian beer, of course! She even gave me a box of Kievian chocolates at the end of the course. I never discovered this type of generosity in any other language school. I would also like to say that the course is excellently organised and even if you are doing individual courses you can communicate with other students by email through the school. I would highly recommend studying at Echo.

Joe Connor Language Teacher, Dublin, Ireland

Just wanted to give you some compliments. It is rare that expectations are superseded, but I have to say, my stay in Kiev and classes at your school were unambiguously a positive experience. Tamara is such a fantastic teacher. She has all the qualities I see in a good teacher: patience, overview, happily repeats when I(we) have forgotten or don`t understand. I was also happy with your treatment, and the care you took for making things run smoothly. I stayed at the apartment at Lesi Ukrainki 7, which turned out to be a nice place to live, with all necessities working fine: kitchen, washing machine, bathroom and Internet. I took a lot of photos of the view from my window! If you need a reference for future applicants, you can safely forward them to me.

Ole Jensen Engineer, Denmark

I wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to study Russian in your school. Olga is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher. I have learned a lot from her. She also helped correct some of my common mistakes I make speaking Russian.

Scott H. Wright English Teacher, USA

The school was good, and the tutor was the best:) The learning was very systematic and I think that learned a lot in two weeks (more than at home in three months). I also liked the book. So, I have no complaints, all was the best. I will probably come again, maybe next year, who knows…

Natasa Kovacic student, Slovenia

Everything got perfectly setup and worked well from the first day on. The locations of classes and accommodation and the teacher are extremely good and keep flexible to the needs and demands. Thank you for your support. I am happy to have taken the choice with Echo and will definitely recommend it further on.

Oliver Schott Business owner, Switzerland