What Others Say?

This is the second time I study Russian with Echo Eastern Europe in Ukraine. I am very satisfied with the flexibility, the quality of teachers, and the affordable price. First time I studied one semester in Kiev, this time I have had a private teacher during the entire summer. If you want to study Russian I would highly recommend you this organization.

Jonas Bengtsson former journalist at the tabloid Expressen, Stockholm, Sweden

Russian course was just great! Anya proved to be an excellent Russian teacher, very flexible to her teaching methods while she was in control aiming at achieving the result, she applied numerous techniques and I can easily say that she has complied with very high standards and demands from my side. As a result I now speak Russian in the everyday life, I understand the TV in Russian (which was my goal, as I did not understand the oral language, but I made it!) and in general the method of Anya was so great that I spoke with ‘padiezhi’, when I did not study Russian so much doing my homework. I am so happy I decided to learn Russian with Echo! The result in 2 months is stunning, as I speak the language almost automatically without thinking and as I said with almost no homework from my side as my work here was quite demanding in those 2 months. Thank you again for your professionalism and high level of services!

Stella Tsartsara consultant for an EU project, Greece

I attended a 4-week Russian course in July 2011 and my teacher was Sergienko Tamara. I already had a basic level of Russian (I studied by myself) and I needed to put it altogether (especially «cases» and «adjectives»). Russian teacher was very effective since the very first moment and her speed of teaching was always the maximum I could sustain, so every lesson was 100% effective. I learned all that was in my mind to learn Russian in that 4-week period, and I had a lot in my mind!

Marco Agnoletti Italy

Thank you very much for Russian learning experience. I was very satisfied with the services provided. I was happy with everything about Russian course. Those were very productive two weeks. I will be happy to recommend your Russian language courses to any of my friends.

Tamas Adam Molnar student, Hungary

First of all, thank you for all the arrangements, I really enjoyed my Russian course and the time spent in Kiev. The individual Russian lessons were effective and the course and teaching were very suitable for me. The information about Russian course and about Kiev and Ukraine I got beforehand was more than enough, tens or even hundreds of details made it easy to understand the culture as well as to get around and find the most important places. So thank you for that. Everything also went exactly as agreed. The price-quality relationship of Russian course was excellent. The apartment was also nice and tidy, newly renovated, and the location was fine. I would warmly recommend anyone to study Russian at Echo.

Katri Grano Finland

I would highly recommend the Echo EE Language School to anyone who is considering learning Russian or Ukrainian in Kiev. The school is efficiently coordinated and the teachers welcoming and particularly encouraging in the learning process. Moreover, it is probably the best value Russian language school in the city and has a very convenient location.

David Lewis UK

Thank you. I did enjoy Russian classes which you organized. The most important for me was the very high quality of the teachers, as they made it possible for me to make a lot of progress in learning Russian. I also feel that the studies were well organized and able to accommodate for any changes in schedule which I needed. I would certainly recommend your school to others.

Mary Ellen Collins Kreditprombank officer, Kiev, Ukraine

It was a very gratifying experience to receive Russian lessons at ECHO school. Liudmila is probably the best Russian language teacher I have ever had. Thanks to her tremendous teaching competence and her patience I made some further progress in the arduous road towards acquiring some mastery of this beautiful and difficult language. I will gladly recommend her and ECHO School any day. And of course I will pass along your coordinates to whomever of my friends and acquaintances is interested in the Russian language. Last but not least, I would also like to express to you my thanks for your kind cooperation during my stay in Kiev.

Jaime Novoa United Nations Officer, Bogota, Colombia

ECHO EE offered a great way for me to experience Kiev and learn Russian. The one-on-one language study helped me learn on an accelerated schedule, and the excursions offered were very interesting and informative. I would definitely recommend ECHO EE to others who want to experience Eastern Europe.

Gabriel Golvin-Klein student, San Francisco, CA, USA

Thank you very much for your support over the period of the first contact by email till the very end of the Russian summer program. Everything was really perfect and I can recommend your school to everyone who wants to learn Russian or to improve it.

Rene Pecher businessmen, Germany

Studying Russian during two semesters with Echo in Kyiv has been an amazing experience, not only because my level of Russian went from zero to pretty good, but also the atmosphere has been amazing; the teachers are absolutely lovely, and really take time for each student individually. From linguistic interests, to street-talk, they can all provide it. I really hope to go back some day soon.

Inge Snip Den Haag, Netherlands

I utilized the services of ECHO from May to June 2010, and I would recommend this school to anybody wishing to learn Ukrainian or Russian. School admintsation answered each and every one of my inquiries promptly, and I was contacted regarding any changes to the schedule. Everything—airport transfer, excursions, homestay family, tutor—was pleasant and professional. Learning a different language is challenging, but my classes with Nadiya were the highlight of my 4 weeks in Kyiv; she utilized fun methods to help me learn Ukrainian, such as reading menus, brochures, and dialogues. We also listened to many wonderful, contemporary Ukrainian musicians! I have a beginner Ukrainian book that I could not previously understand, but now I am reading the advanced lessons and dialogues. The location of ECHO is close to the metro, and perfect for exploring the city after classes. I hope to return to Kyiv and use the services of ECHO again. Thank you again for a great learning experience!

Kelsie Ermantrout Alberta, Canada

I wanted to take this opportunity to say I was very impressed by your school, I felt the level of teaching was superb and I will be happy to recommend colleagues looking to improve their Russian.

Owen Scarrott Credit Suisse, London, UK

Thank you very much for providing me with the excellent Russian course during my one-week stay in Kiev. Everything was organized perfectly and your services fulfilled my expectations completely. The teacher was responsible, qualified and full of energy and optimism to teach me.

Thank you once again and I am sure I will be back.


Pawel Lazarz Mechanical Engineer, Cracow, Poland

I wanted to thank you for an excellent learning experience in Kiev. I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first visit to your wonderful city. I must say that from the airport pickup to the school and host family all went very well and I was very satisfied. The Russian language learning atmosphere was pleasant with Alexander and I feel I picked up a lot in my six weeks there. The unexpected pleasure was meeting new friends from Kiev and elsewhere. I would recommend your school and program to anyone. Thanks again.

Dale Pauline Treatment Plant Operator, Florida, USA