Echo Eastern Europe Language School was founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2004

The School is located in the historic centre of Kiev - Podil, close to a metro station Poshotova Ploshcha, which is near to the very central street of the city Hreshatik. There are really a lot of sightseeings, places of interest and restaurants here.

Our school is an official TORFL certification centre since 2008 and has an international accreditation.ore than 420 learners already received international certificates.

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Programs in the Ukraine Language School

Programs Advantages
Individual lessons personal contact with the teacher
convenient schedule and maximum efficiency
Group courses groups contain from 2 to 8 students
all levels from Total beginner to Advanced
20 group lessons per week (4 lessons per day)
Mix group and individual language classes This option is very effective especially for students who come to learn Russian or Ukrainian language for a short period of time
Lessons via Skype Live online lessons via Skype include interactive exercises and discussions with the use of modern multimedia materials: images, audios, videos and e-books.

Modern Methodology in Kiev Russian Language School

We have achieved success with our Russian language students because of our personalized approach to every person and study program. Our language school a highly-developed linguistics program for non-native learners.

The students are taught by our teachers, who have a lot of years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language, philological education, scientific works.

We will help you to:
  • Become familiar with how Russian or Ukrainian-speakers communicate colloquially;
  • Use effectively  your Russian or Ukrainian language skills to express yourself clearly and correctly;
  • Place yourself in comfortable social situations which will allow you to interact successfully with native speakers.

Russian and Ukrainian Languages and Culture Studies

We have a number of after-class programs designed to help each student make friends, integrate into the local community and gain invaluable experience using their new-found Russian or Ukrainian skills in real-world environments.

This type of training is very popular and is therefore one of the main directions of our school.

Echo Eastern Europe Ukrainian and Russian and Language School in Kiev offers five types of accommodation for our international students who come to Ukraine for Russian or Ukrainian language learning.

The Main Advantages to Learn Languages in Ukraine

  • No visa needed for EU, USA, UK, Canada and Japanese students to come to Ukraine for up to 90 days;
  • While living in Ukraine you will deal with 2 spoken languages - Russian and Ukrainian. Even if you are studying only one language you will be involuntarily learning another one and see how similar they are;
  • The opportunity to communicate directly with native speakers;
  • Excursions and other activities available at any season. See snowy Kiev in winter-time or beautiful nature of the city in summer;
  • For students who arrive in Ukraine for the first time, we developed the concierge services to help them feel themselves at home.

Video Testimonials about the Ukrainian and Russian Language School EchoEE

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