The Russian educational system is one of the most successful around the globe. Boasting a 98% literacy rate and a wide range of options for higher education, Russian school life begins at age 6 for most students. Pre-school educational programs, which cover the age usually reserved for Kindergarten in the United States, are also available.

Compulsory basic education lasts for a period of 9 years, from age 6 to age 15. Basic education covers much of what we have in the Western educational systems, including courses to learn Russian in Russia, just as we learn English in the United States and the UK. There are also courses in math, science, and in foreign languages.  Students who graduate their basic education take an examination, after which they can receive a Certificate of Basic General Education. This can allow them to enter secondary school, a vocational school, or a higher level education that is considered “non-university.”

After secondary schooling, students can then take a final exam at the State level, which will award them with a Certificate of Secondary Education. At this point, a student may enter the non-university education, university level education, or a vocational school of their choosing.

Most students finish their general educational portion of the process by 17. Foreign students may be interested in a Russian course in Russia as a way to further their education as well. Russian schools can offer students of every age group the opportunity to learn Russian, so that they can progress in their studies and become fluent.

Summer Language Russian Schools

ECHO Eastern Europe offers Russian Summer Language programs where students can learn at all levels of Russian, from beginner courses for young people, to advanced educational courses and instruction that offer intense instruction in some of the complexities of the language. A Russian course in Russia or Ukraine itself can offer students immersion as they learn, giving them more opportunities to practice the vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening required to become fluent in a language.

Students that take advantage of EchoEE's Summer Learning program are more likely to pass examinations and tests related to certification, such as the Russia A Level course in the educational system of the UK. The Summer Learning program can also provide a great educational opportunity for students that may be interested in a career or in pursuing a higher education in the country of Russia.

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