Why learn to speak Russian is prospectively now?

Russian now occupies the fourth place among world languages in modern language rating. It is considered to be popular and necessary. Knowledge of Russian is highly appreciated and an influent factor for job promotion in many countries, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Russian language learning opens huge possibilities of communication with the people of new independent states. Usage in everyday situations and an ability to learn Russian as an official language is characteristic for such countries as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, where two thirds of the population use this language as their mother tongue.

Necessity to learn Russian quickly & easily is useful to those, who have decided to make the Russian-speaking media accessible to them. Almost all national websites of countries — participants of Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic countries have a Russian version, which implies a great influence of Russian on international society and shows the importance of learning the language.

Russian Internet-sources serve for information exchange online, communication and creation of an educational base to learn Russian phrases, words and culture.

Russian television is widely represented in the whole area of former soviet republics. A large number of Russian speaking channels are broadcast by satellite all over the world.

Fiction as a reason of learning Russian language

When we’re learning to speak Russian, we open the huge, wonderful and mysterious world of Russian literature. For more than two hundred years, the world has admired the works of Russian writers and poets. Such outstanding masters as Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov left an unforgettable heritage, which brought up a lot of remarkable figures of our era.

Russian literature is famous far from Russia. And, of course, understanding all the nuances and the very heart of Russian literature can only be possible if you read it in the original language. Another reason for learning to read Russian.

There are many reasons why people should learn Russian and Russian grammar. For instance, one of the possible reasons is to find a job in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries as a highly qualified foreign specialist. Many people come to this land to open their own business, because they see favorable conditions for its development here. Besides, we can see a steadily increasing quantity of Russian tourists abroad; therefore it is a good challenge to learn Russian for managers, students and business people.

In Echo Eastern Europe School we offer the best way to learn the Russian language - a combination of group and individual classes, online lessons and studying Russian language abroad. Call us to know more information about our Ukrainian and Russian language courses.

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