Learning a language quickly requires finding the best method to do so. To learn Russian fast, you'll need to understand Russian language, a bit of Russian culture, and also take a closer look at your own goals. Learning Russian for business meetings, for example, is a bit different than learning it to speak with family.

Figuring out the Fastest Way to Learn Russian

  • Private Tutors: One option that you may have is that of private tutors, who can provide you with personalized instructions and interactions that allow the tutor to personally gauge your level of progress. Tutors have always been a smart way to pick up any subject, and language is no different. With a tutor, you can learn more about the different aspects of Russian that interest you most, and even learn about the subtle nuances of the language that you could miss with a text-only instruction.
  • Audio and Video Courses: One of the more popular methods in the past has been taking instruction through audio and video sources, including tutorial videos and books on tape that can include phrases, analysis of sentence structure, and more. These methods are actually very effective for people that may only have the time to review information between periods of work or school, but they're lacking in the sort of personalized instruction a tutor can provide.
  • Online Courses: An emerging form of language instruction, online courses can allow students to work at their own pace, much like audio and video courses. As an added bonus, however, they can provide you with access to numerous online-only resources, including the ability to contact native Russian speakers over programs like Skype.
  • Immersion: Resources like the ECHO Eastern Europe Language Centre and other programs located in Russia can provide visitors with a hands-on approach to learning the language, with direct contact with native Russian speakers. Immersion learning can also include any or all of the above mentioned methods for greater effect.

Conclusion on How to Learn Russian Fast:

The best way to learn Russian fast is through immersion, and that requires learning Russian in Russia itself. Whenever you want to take on a new language, it's best to immerse yourself in both the actual speaking of it, and in conversation. Many of the gaps that we have in the spoken word are actually filled in through body language and expression, which is what makes the immersion method the most effective.

While immersion is the best method overall, it's also not always the most accessible for individuals that may not have the time, money, or resources to visit Russia right away. For those that can't come to Russia itself, online courses and private tutors are extremely viable alternatives.

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