Language has been the common means of communication all over the world for ages. And for sure, if we know more languages, we can communicate with many more people. Our Russian language school offers the chance to study a language which has been spread over 1/6 of the world’s territory, with a population of over 250 million. The majority of this uses Russian as the main language of their everyday life.

Russian courses in our School can help you to start Russian or study it from any level.

Elementary Russian language programs are provided for those who recently discovered Russia, Ukraine and Belarus by themselves and only recently started to meet Russian-speaking people.

On the other end of the scale, the most advanced teaching methods are provided for the advanced level students.

Any Russian language program can be adapted to your needs to help improving your knowledge and understanding of the nuances and styles of Russian.

The Grammar and complicated word-endings of the Russian language will be understandable and accessible for you, due to our individual approach. We also have special teaching methods used only in our Russian courses.

Experienced teaching staff has been perfectly trained and carefully selected. They will help you to define the appropriate instruction level for you.

After finishing our Russian courses you will be able to understand and use Russian in different situations, such as formal and informal conversations, written tasks, sketching and writing letters and documents etc. And, of course, with our Russian courses the great pieces of Russian literature will be readily available to you. You will find the wisdom and magic of the Russian language, you’ll be able to read masterpieces of great writers and poets in their native language. A lot of works of famous Russian writers have become cornerstones of world literature. Thanks to our Russian courses you will have the possibility to get acquainted with Russian scientific research and achievements.

Make new friends and find partners to practise your Russian! Open new opportunities to develop your business! Contact us and our Russian courses will be your guide through the Russian language!

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