Ukrainian and Russian Language Learning at Afterclass

Learning doesn't end when the class is over. Many students can greatly benefit from Echo Eastern Europe School’s. Afterclass services, aimed at providing even more educational opportunities for professionals, college students, and family members that may want to continue to brush up on their Russian and Ukrainian language skills. Afterclass services are offered at a majority of EchoEE locations.

Afterclass, like any educational program, is both a chance to review information, and to extend your class day so that you can learn even more in a shorter period of time. For students that are on an intensive Russian or Ukrainian course, choosing Afterclass educational services can provide you with Russian or Ukrainian language lessons that are more effective than just coursework alone.

  • Additional access to Russian or Ukrainian teachers, who can provide you with more information on any part of Ukrainian or Russian that may be a sticking point in your progress.
  • Opportunities to learn Russian or Ukrainian language at an even faster pace, or to review any information that you've been going over in class so that you know you're on the right track.
  • Russian language lessons with a one-on-one Russian tutor session, to strengthen your knowledge of the language and reinforce your recent lessons.
  • The chance to learn Ukrainian from tutors that may not be available during regular course hours.

Variants of Our Russian and Ukrainian Afterclass

Variations of the Afterclass program include:

  • Excursions into Kiev and aroud Ukraine.
  • Extracurricular activities that can help you to learn Ukrainian or learn Russian at a faster pace.
  • Russian and Ukrainian Speaking Clubs, which are held on Saturdays.
  • Weekend tours with the goal of learning the language. Russian lessons are included with these tours.
  • Access to tutors for a Russian lesson or Ukrainian lesson are also available.
  • Service of Conversation partner in afterclass time.

Advantages of Afterclass Studying at EchoEE

The advantages of choosing Afterclass are fairly evident; students can get more time with knowledgeable tutors, as well as take in more of the Russian and Ukrainian culture through weekend tours and other activities. Professionals can also speed up their education in the language, and get to a level of comprehension that is necessary for their line of work.

Our Partners

What They Say?

Both my wife and I were very impressed by the professionalism of your Russian teachers. Thanks a lot!

Joseph Sumi USA

I am sure and confident that my knowledge will help me for communicating with Russian tourists now.

Kanakakis Giorgos Greece